Chicster Product Review: Dr. Rey’s Shapewear

Sometimes in the search for the perfect dress, we find that it’s not as perfect as we hoped.  While we may have found the ideal color, style and price, we also find that it seems to look better on the hanger than it does on us. Frustrated, we ask why everything seems to look so much better on celebrities, and “beauty on a budget” just doesn’t seem to fit into our vocabularies anymore. 

 There are solutions to this all too common problem, and it’s less difficult than you might think to reveal the secret behind the slim, smooth appearance of every woman on the red carpet. Dr. Robert Rey – also known as as “Dr. 90210” – and lingerie designer Bruno Schiavi have together created “Dr. Rey’s Shapewear,” a collection of body-enhancing undergarments designed to “tighten, shape and enhance a woman’s assets perfectly complimenting any type of dress.” 

The line includes a variety of pieces that should fit discreetly under any outfit or dress, ranging from the J.Lo-style “X Treme Plunge Dress” for deep necklines to the “Smooth Skirt” which hugs your lower assets for a look more like Beyonce or Jessica Biel. Dr. Rey’s Shapewear is available at any Sears store with prices ranging from $27 to $60. 

I tried both the “High Waist Step-In” and the “High Waist G-String” on two separate occasions with the same dress. Shapewear supposedly gives the illusion that you are two dress sizes smaller – and I can say that this is definitely true. Don’t get too excited, though. It won’t make a size 10 into a size two, but it can help increase confidence and improve appearance for women who aren’t interested in using plastic surgery to solve their problems. 

While I didn’t enjoy wearing the High Waist G-String, the Step-In was very comfortable and made me feel confident in my outfit. The Step-In was difficult to pull up, and took quite a bit of work to shimmy over the thighs and hips. I would recommend buying at least one size larger than you normally wear and make sure you have a few minutes to put it on – it’s a step-in, not a slip-on. However, once it’s on, the rubbery no-slip lining makes sure that it doesn’t move and holds everything in place all night. 

The G-String felt great for the first hour or so, but after walking around and making a few transitions from sitting to standing, it started to ride up and cut into my skin. I will admit that it made my stomach looked great, but it was so uncomfortable around my hips that I had to take a break to unbutton the bottom so I could breathe. After it was unbuttoned, the High Waist G-String still toned down my midsection, but the way it continued to ride up made me feel less confident and sexy. It still wasn’t very comfortable, and I was not happy wearing it for a few hours. I would not wear any form of Shapewear designed like a leotard like this one because it rides up too easily and the tight fabric puts too much pressure on your skin. 

Basically, Shapewear is just a glamorous girdle designed for young people. I wouldn’t spend $60 on it, but it might be worth it to try out the cheaper styles. I would definitely recommend that you wear which ever piece you choose at least once on a practice run before the big event to make sure it doesn’t bother you and isn’t too tight. Whether you wear your Shapewear to a party, dance or interview, finding the style that agrees best with your body AND outfit is the key. Luckily, there are so many styles to choose from!

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