Chuck Bass Slept Here? Yes, yes he did

New York City. Songs are dedicated to it, stars walk the streets as regular people and gossip is as common as yellow taxi cabs. Also, so many movies and television shows film here that it’s almost 100% likely that you will see a movie or show being filmed and you might also catch a glimpse of a handsome (and quite possibly single) actor.

Gossip Girl has women– from tweens to 20-somethings– glued to their televisions, plugged into blogs and searching for the main gossip guys all around NYC. If you’re one of these Gossip hungry chicks, we might have just the ticket to getting into Chuck Bass’ bed…or rather his bed on the show in The Empire Hotel, the newest acquisition for Bass Industries, and also a real life hotel.

The Empire Hotel, across the street from Lincoln Center, is the actual filming location for Chuck’s base in season 3, and women are flocking to it like bees to a hive. I mean, I’d stay there for spring break, wouldn’t you? It’s a swanky, old New York style hotel with a very modern feel. According to an article on, the hotel has seen an increase in bookings since they let the CW film in their hotel, and they couldn’t be happier. Young women, sometimes who don’t even realize it’s the same place, hyperventilate in their lobby during filming on a daily basis. The staff doesn’t usually get a lot of questions from tweens, however, it’s more the 20-somethings who want the life of these high-privileged college students which no one can really afford until well into their 20s. It’s just another New York institution that’s been affected by a high priority television show, but most definitely worth looking into.

Their rates are rather reasonable– starting at $250 per night– and their amenties are endless. A rooftop bar, pool deck, lobby bar and of course themed cocktails. If you’re really strapped for cash this spring break, get dolled up and head over to The Empire. Order an “I’m Chuck Bass,” which is a combination of Dewar’s Scotch and Apple Cider, and soak up the NYC nightlife, who knows maybe you’ll find your Gossip Guy in shining Armani.

You know you want to…

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