Music Review: Cobra Starship

Start with a little 1980s keyboard flare. Then add some retro ‘90s guitar licks, a techno vibe and a futuristic voice. What does that make? Answer: Cobra Starship’s recipe for success. A top ten song according to the Billboard charts, “Good Girls Gone Band,” the hit song off the new album Hot Mess, is the ultimate college girl mantra (if that college girl in questions is Serena van der Woodsen  of Gossip Girl fame), complete with guilty memories of blackouts, break-up, hangovers, and endless parties.

Hot Mess is an album of eclectic musicality.  Track 4’s “Fold Your Hands Child” really shows off the vocal talents of the band as the entire song features elegant harmonies and melodies that sound of acapella nature, while  Track 5‘s “You’re Not In On The Joke” puts the spotlight on lead vocalist Gabe Saporta’s musical experience with a special vocal intro backed by a piano, electronics and singing.

With wide-ranging lyrics, and musical stylings that run the full gamut, Cobra Starship’s Hot Mess will likely find support within the Fall Out Boy contingent, as well as those who favor the fem-pop provocativeness of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

By Erin McClary

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