Coco Myles: Design Your Dream Dress

Something that has always plagued us girls is the search for the perfect dress. It has never been an easy task-from the dressing room lines to that elusive missing size. Solution: Coco Myles, a custom formal wear website, lets you design your own dress, down to the last detail-and all for a reasonable price.

 Coco Myles' website is well designed and easy to use, making finding that perfect dress that much easier. It offers a wonderfully beautiful collection of celebrity inspired gowns, ranging from Halle Berry to Keira Knightley; and even these won't break the bank.

The real appeal of Coco Myles, however, is their 'Custom Couture' section, where you are free to choose everything from the style of the top and bottom of the dress, color, and fabric-you can even get a shawl to match. Coco Myles leaves the creative work to you, but the final product is all kudos to them.  Better than any dress I have tried on in a department store, it fits like a tailored gown and looks like one too!

Especially for you sorority girls out there, this is the perfect place to find that dress for any formal or informal sorority event, and you can design it to specifically fit your sorority's requirements. Sarah Dickson, part of a sorority at the University of Illinois, loved Coco Myles, saying, "it would be likely that a sorority girl would be interested in this site because it offers each girl a chance to design exactly what she wants for whatever the occasion would be."

Coco Myles is one of the more unique dress designers out there, because it lets you be the designer. But you don't have to do any of the work after that, Coco Myles takes your designs and creates a beautiful real-life version. You just have to visit for your next dance, wedding, or night out-they personalize the dress shopping experience for us girls who are sick of rifling through the store racks.

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