Cold Weather Winter Workouts

yoga in snow


By: Ashley Yenick, Merrimack College 

As a native northeasterner, I know that there are some wicked winters. It’s way too cold in the dorm, you don’t want to walk to the gym; you just aren’t in the mood— but what if your workouts were fun? Lucky West Coast gals have the luxury of wonderful weather all year round, but if you’re stuck in the snow, never fear, winter workouts are here!

Dorm Room Yoga

Ladies, grab your mats! Yoga video that you can do right in your dorm by Yoga with Adriene. Adriene has tons of yoga videos— FREE! Yoga is amazing for your mind and body, so incorporating it into your workouts can be beneficial in many ways.

Dorm Room Workout

This next workout video comes from 24-year-old college student Clarissa who runs the YouTube account Girl.Budget.Life. This video gives you a serious burn, in a good way! Like Adriene, Clarissa has a large collection of routines for you.

Apartment Cardio

This last video is from Cassie from Blogilates! Cassey is another blogger and YouTuber who has workouts, recipes and workout calendars! There are a ton of videos from Cassey to choose from, including a store that she has with motivational quotes on them to get you inspired to workout.

Snowball Fight!

Snowy winters are made for snowball fights. But it’s not just fun— cardio and keeps your heart rate up AKA it counts as a workout. You won’t even know you’re working out when you’re having an awesome time with your friends.


Like having a snowball fight, going sledding is a must! There’s nothing better than grabbing your sled and sliding down hills with your best friends during the winter time. This also counts as cardio too. Climbing the hills and going down the slopes makes your heart rate go up as well, giving you a nice outdoor session during the winter season.

Now there are no ‘it’s too cold’ excuses! It’s time to grab a friend, get moving and shake off the cold with a fun winter work out.



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