College Fashionista: Lily Allen Makes Us Smile

If the name “Lily Allen” does not conjure up images of high fashion and designer style, then take a second look: the fun-loving British pop star is the new face of fall’s Chanel handbag campaign and is about to launch her own jewelry line called Lily Allen.

Why Allen for Chanel? “She’s fun!” said Karl Lagerfeld, expressing on behalf of the fashion crowd what her music fans have known for years. Allen’s no stranger to the label personally, having embraced designers like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Sonya Rykiel, touted designer swag and sat front row at Fashion Week, all while maintaining her irreverent dresses-with-sneakers flair.

It’s that cheeky flair and fun-loving attitude Allen will no doubt bring to her jewelry line. Debuting in September, the designs claim inspiration from London jeweler Dinny Hall as well as Karl Lagerfeld’s jewelry for Chanel, meaning expect long layers of necklaces. And because it’s Lily Allen, think flowers, faces, traffic signs, fruit, animals (especially poodles!) and other youthful trinkets. With bright colors and layers of charms, the whimsical line is aimed at 14-20 year olds.

If the jewelry is anywhere as bright and free-spirited as Allen herself, we’re excited. Even hearing her talk about it makes us smile: “I do love the animals, though— the pandas are fantastic.”

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