College Prep: 8 Tasks to Accomplish this Summer

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By Natalie Mayer

Half way through summer and if you’re anything like me, you have been counting down the days until college.  But instead of wishing your summer away, here is a list of tasks to make sure you’ve done in time before the big move in day comes up!
1.     Learn the basic survival skills
College is a time for a lot of firsts.  First time living on your own, first roommate, etc.  Some things that should not be on your list of firsts- doing laundry, taking care of yourself when your sick.  These tasks should be learned during the summer, so when school comes around you have one less thing to stress about.
2.     End on a Good Note
Though you want to make new friends in college, took forget the ones you made it through high school with.  Make sure you end on good terms with your friends, exchange contact information for skype/text/phone sessions because who knows, you could wind up feeling homesick one day at college and an old friend’s phone call might be your saving grace that day.
3.     Check Up and Out
You want to make sure you are healthy and ready to make it on your own in college, so one very vital step to that is seeing your doctors.  Make appointments with your doctor, dentist, eye doctor, etc. to make sure you are checked out for the long haul.  Plus, most colleges require a medical form from your primary care physician so you will have to make an appointment anyways to get that form filled out.
4.     The Haves and the Have-Nots
I am going to break some terrible news to you: you can’t take it all to college.  Your wardrobe, knick-knacks, and 30 pairs of shoes you insist you cannot live without won’t be able to fit in cupboard sized dorm room.  Start rationing down for your dorm and recognize what you need and what you want may be two different things.

5.     Meet the Roomie
Reach out and contact your roommate when you found out who he/she is.  You want to start planning who’s bringing what to college, so on the first day of college you both don’t show up with couches and no mini-fridge.  Also, you want to try to hit it off early with the roomie so when that move-in day does come along, you will know at least one familiar face.
6.     Get organized
Brace yourself, your dorm room will be slightly larger than a closet.  Prepare your lifestyle for it.  Get crates, bins, hanging shoe/jewelry racks that will take up less space and store more items for you.  The reward of getting yourself more organized is thankfully, more floor space.  Yes, it will pay off.

7.     Just Do It

Your summer before college is not all about college.  You probably have other goals to accomplish, so stop pushing them off and get them done!  If you had the goal to get into shape this summer, don’t wait until a few weeks before school to start, do it now!

8.     Relax

I know this one sounds simple and maybe even a little out of place, but it’s true.  Give yourself a break and relax! There’s a reason why it’s called summer break.  Give yourself a chance to recharge in time for school to start because come late august and who knows how much time you’ll have to sleep in or lay out in the sun.

So here’s to having a summer full of sun, sleep, and success in your college planning!  And when in doubt, you can always go to a parent, an older family member, or friend who is already in college for more specific advice to help prep for college!

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