College Soundtrack: Maroon 5, Rob Thomas, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse

 I was surprised when I found out that Maroon 5 hadn’t fallen off the face of the planet, like I believed for years. I remember listening to Songs About Jane in high school. And by high school, I mean my journalism class. Kids would come and go, commenting on how much they loved the CD. And then the band disappeared. No matter. They’re back now. With the countdown of Maroon 5’s sophomore album, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, up on their website, they’ve given us a little taste with the release of the first single. “Makes Me Wonder” is a little bit rock. It’s a little bit disco. It’s fun, and, more importantly, it signifies the band’s return to civilization.

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 Rob Thomas, former lead singer of Matchbox Twenty, is out with a new single. “Little Wonders”, a feel-good song written for the new Disney film, Meet the Robinsons. It’s one of those songs that just makes you smile, reminding us that the important things in life are those special, small moments. Added bonus: the music video is just as artsy and creative as his others.

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Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse are similar in alot of ways: they’re both English imports in their early twenties who sing about relationships. The former is just a little more fun, and the latter has a voice that is a bit more mature. I love Allen because she sings about things all girls think about, and I love Winehouse because she has a style that’s all her own.

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