College Soundtrack: Matt Wertz

If I were to pick one guy to serenade me, Matt Wertz might just be the one. I recently came across his music, and it’s become one of those things that has somehow made it on my repeat list. His music is something that’s great to listen to while you’re walking to class, getting ready in the morning, or even just great to put on in the background while you’re doing your homework.

He’s another one of those boys who you can picture sitting with his guitar and letting the day pass right by. This Nashville singer-songwriter released his third album, Everything in Between, with his independent label in September of 2006.

Wertz has a sound much his own, but in the midst of some of his songs, audiences can hear a little bit of his Stevie Wonder and James Taylor influences. It’s that same type of Gavin DeGraw-style rock that we all know and love.

Wertz and his band are on tour from now until mid-April, so make sure you go and check him out. And because he’s not exceedingly famous yet, ticket prices promise not to break the bank.

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