College Soundtrack: onethousand pictures

One of my favorite things is to go to a concert of a band that I love and come out of it having new artists to keep track of. I’m the person who goes and purchases the opening band’s EP at a concert. Anything to keep the band in the back of my mind. I track unknowns online, go to their headlining concerts when their names aren’t out yet, and bring in friends with me.  

 Tracking bands from their infancy into fame, as slight or explosive as it may be, has become this fun habit for me. 

This happened when I went to Augustana’s tour about a year and a half ago. Even now, Augustana is just starting to pick up momentum, so you can imagine how small their opening bands were. 

One of them was onethousand pictures. They came on stage first. It became one of those things that silenced the crowd. You just stared at the tattoo-covered lead singer, Evan – I must say, I’m not a fan of tattoos, but on him it works – and there was nothing you could do but continue staring. They played one song and I knew I had another band to add to my already long list. 

I don’t know why I like them so much. Maybe it’s because they’re another Southern California band. Maybe because they have a sound that’s not so mainstream. I still remember the first time I heard their music online. I wasn’t utterly blown away. It quite possibly could be an acquired taste. Maybe it’s seeing a band in person that makes the difference. I still haven’t figured it out. 

But I’ve held off writing about them because I wanted to wait until their CD came out so I could give it a review. Turns out, onethousand pictures is no longer a part of the Velvet Hammer/Columbia record label, so their CD isn’t coming out any time soon, if at all. I was more than bummed to hear that news, but if you have the urge to listen to another SoCal alternative band, check them out. 

They have this upbeat attractive something about them that I can’t really pinpoint. When Evan sings, you hear this range of sound: low to high, high to low. It’s sometimes slow, sometimes fast. You even hear him singing in this manner that’s kind of awkwardly jerky. But in the end, it all comes together into that underground indie stuff that will have its very own loyal audience, whether or not they have a CD coming out. 

To be honest, if this band somehow gets back off the ground, they won’t start flying off the shelves as an overnight success. But maybe, just maybe, something might happen. My prediction is that they’ll stay to their local San Diego for a while, continue branching up into the Los Angeles area, and go from there. They won’t be coming to the east coast any time soon, but a girl can still hope.

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