From College Candy: Are You Actually Ready for Love?

[The following post was written by dating coach, Kira Sabin, a keg of dating and relationship wisdom. She's been helping people find love for years so we thought we'd tap this keg and see what sort of brilliant advice she has for the CollegeCandy readers. Drink up, ladies.]

At any give time since I was about 14, I thought I was ready to fall in love.  Through high school crushes, adult heartbreaks and many others in between, I always stuck to the idea that I wanted to fall in love and be in a real relationship but yet seemed to be jinxed.  Unlucky.  A hopeless disaster.  I even had a few years where the old song “But Not For Me” was my theme song.  I laughed about it with friends, joked about it with strangers and secretly would cry about it alone.

A few weeks ago, I went back to my alma mater for my college reunion and it brought back the memory of a pretty embarrassing moment that reminded me of time when I felt that love was “not for me.”  But really, it was. I just wasn’t ready….


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