From College Candy: The Do’s and Dont’s of Breakup Revenge

Hot news! We've joined forces with our friends at College Candy to bring you the ins and out on college mating and dating.  Each week, we're going to be covering everything from hook-ups from hell to relationship baggage you REALLY need to avoid.

First up: A little story about ex revenge and how one guy took it way too far and then some. Fess up – have you ever lost your mind over a dude and then did something you totally regretted later?


Austin Purifoy taught us a very valuable lesson this week when he pooped in the backseat of a car he thought belonged to his girlfriend – apparently you can go “too far” when it comes to getting back at your ex.  Though Mr. Purifoy won’t be arrested for his stunt, we thought this one went a little beyond what’s considered reasonable revenge.  The line is fine and often hard to define, but here’s our best attempt at outlining what is and what isn’t acceptable bitch behavior…


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