College Fashionista Sweepstakes: And the Winner is…

It’s been a crazy month for our college fashionistas. They’ve reached out to friends and family to get their votes in, their schools have been campaigning like whoa to get the word out, AND we’ve been busy making sure ALL OF YOU weighed in and picked your favorite stylish coed before the deadline.

Now, the final results are in, and we’re pleased to announce that Kaitlin Duffy of Auburn University has been chosen as this year’s ultimate college fashionista! Kaitlin managed to snag almost 1,500 votes, with second runner-up Ali Straka coming in a close second with 1,103 votes under her belt.

Congrats to both Kaitlin and the Auburn University community for proving once and for all why they’re championship material!


Final Votes:

Kaitlin Duffy/Auburn University (winner) 1,463

Ali Straka/University of Missouri (second place) 1,103

Becky Hesse/University of Washington 906

Erin McClary/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 519

Kristy Shaulis/University of Illinois 452


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