Colleges Organizing for Haiti

As Haiti continues to recover from the earthquake that destroyed much of it’s capital of Port-au-Prince– leaving thousands without food, water or shelter–it is apparent that they are going to need more help in the coming months. How can you donate? Should you use the text messaging system that has been so widely advertised on Twitter ? Or should you settle for something closer to home? Well, if you are a college student there are many options currently available.

Countless Universities and Colleges have begun to organize supply drives and fundraisers to help the people of Haiti. A quick search on Twitter reveals that there are tons of people talking about the trending topic of #Haiti and tons more talking about donation scams. In order to avoid being scammed you can review the information on Google’s Haiti Relief page to find out which online charities are really sending money to the people of Haiti. According to the The Huffington Post, several Universities and their campus organizations have teamed up to support Haiti through fundraisers and supply drives. A George Washington University Haitian student, is organizing a supply drive, according to The GW Hachet, the independent student newspaper. Howard University’s Haitian Student Association is also collecting supplies, and Princeton recently held a vigil to help students deal with the tragedy.

Students on more than 150 campuses, through the World Vision ACT:S, are organizing various prayer and fundraising opportunities. This was reported by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities as many of the colleges organizing these events are members of this council. You can check out information about this donation here. Additionally many community colleges in the New York State area, as well as other areas around the country, are organizing drives of their own. You can check that information out here. And finally you can also donate through The Red Cross, Unicef or through one of the organizations listed on google’s Haiti page. These organizations will also accept any donations you might have after organizing your own campus fundraiser.

If you are looking for information on Twitter, simply search #Haiti #HaitiRelief #Redcross or just type Haiti into Google. These searches are generally very informative and will help give you an idea of what’s going on and what the people actually need.

Image taken from and the image is credited to the Associated Press/Medecins Sans Frontieres, Stefano Zannini.

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