Conserving Energy….Do College Students Hold the Key?

My college had an environmental group I almost joined. Mostly…they set up tables on the quad and gave away earth shaped squishy stress balls, but they had a hidden agenda. They were collecting names on a petition to bring a wind turbine to campus. _Wind turbine = one of those huge energy-generating fans._ They said it would cut the university’s power bills in half.

It wasn’t a popular concern at my university…and we still haven’t built a wind turbine, but *energy conservation is a growing issue at hundreds of other schools.*

_”More than 600 schools in the United States and Canada have sustainability efforts under way, said Judy Walton, executive director of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.”_

According to many experts on the subject, our generation is the one that can make the big change. And with the recent release of *An Inconvenient Truth*, which is practically targeted toward the mtv generation, I’m beginning to think they’re right. *Do we have the power to change the world’s energy usage?*

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Fashion Blog: Where Have I Been?

Apparently there’s this great clothing site, “Newport News”://, that everbody but me knows about/has ordered from. I can’t speak for the quality of the clothing, but one thing is for sure…the pricing is on point. I just ordered this swim cover-up for my Fourth of July beach trip. Cute with the gold beach fossil earrings, yeah?

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