Cornell University’s New Greek Drinking Restrictions Cause Student Outrage

We tried to warn you, but it seems nobody listened.  Following the University of Miami's decision to assign sobriety monitors to all Greek events earlier this month, now comes word from IvyGate that Cornell University frats and sororities are in an uproar over a decision by campus officials to curb drinking at their parties and rush events as well.

According to the to Cornell Sun, "Citing student safety and a need to change the culture of the Greek system, the University informed Greek student leaders Tuesday that they must implement in no less than two years – some sweeping changes to how they run their fraternities and sororities. As a condition of receiving University recognition, Greek organizations will have to bar freshman from attending parties with alcohol and eliminate alcohol completely from their recruitment and pledging activities. Chapters will also face stiffer penalties for hazing under the new rules."

Thing went from bad to worse when officials met with delegates from the IFC to look for a compromise but were instead met with "grumbling anf hissing." 

Obviously drinking is a big part of the college experience, so we can see why these kids might do some eye-rolling, but given the recent spate of Greeks behaving badly across the country, maybe it's time to look to the national chapters to establish some firmer guidelines instead of leaving it up to the college administrators. Things like not allowing anyone underage to drink in the house, having specific non-alcoholic events, and doing educational programs for pledges on the dangers of binge drinking seem like a nice happy compromise that still allows for alcohol – just not the crazy behavior that sometimes go with it.

Like we said before, we believe this whole "no drinking" thinking is going to be ongoing growing movement at colleges and universities due to the bad press some Greeks have recently garnered, and if your chapter is smart, you might want to take a proactive stance before you find yourself 100% alcohol-free.


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