Countdown to Katie Couric’s Big Day – 49 Days Left…plenty of time to find something to wear

_”According to the New York Post, CBS has already begun the countdown to Katie Couric’s arrival at the Evening News. In fact, the network has set their marketing, advertising, and PR departments into high gear to announce the entrance of the previous Today show star as the new face of the “CBS Evening News._ _CBS is banking on Katie’s ability to turn her daytime audience into nighttime viewers, but is CBS hoping for too much? Analysts have even made predictions on how many viewers CBS Evening News will have on Katie Couric’s first day.”_

*Would CBS be in a frenzy and would analysts be making predictions if the new anchor was not a woman?* Some people are also making predictions about what she will wear on her first night. I was watching The View yesterday and Barbara Walters had something to say about the gender situation which I think sums everything up nicely. She said, _First of all, would people care about what a male anchor wore? Why should this matter? And Second, what do you girls think she’s going to wear??!_

College Couture: It Pays To Be Persistent

Prepare yourself for a story of 50% off triumph! I’ve had my eye on these sandals for a month and a half. But they are much too expensive. I decided to give Hugo Boss a call, just see if the shoe was still in stores and if it would be around in a few weeks. My birthday is coming up, and I thought, maybe I’ll be able to afford them then with some of that b-day cash.

I spoke with a very nice saleswoman who told me that not only did she have one pair of my size left…but they were 50% off right now! Needless to say, I ordered them.

*So take notes! It pays to be persistent.* Don’t be afraid to call, people aren’t going to hate you for simply asking them a few questions.

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