Dating 101: Beating Break up Season

As you all probably know by now, I went through not one, but two breakups this year. As a girl who has only been in two serious relationships, this means that I spent most of the year broken hearted.

According to a recent study by Yahoo!, we have officially ended break-up season. Basically, the study says that between January and V-Day, more people are evaluating their lives a whole – and this often includes deciding whether to ditch their current relationship. In fact, people are more than twice as likely to break up during the next few months. The reason? 41 percent said that they feel that they are in a relationship rut and 48 percent said that they did not have a shared view of the future with their partner.

So this means a lot of you reading this will soon join me in my ice cream devouring, The Notebook watching, He’s Just Not That Into You reading, lying on the couch on Friday night slump.

However, those creative people at Yahoo! created a break up survival guide with ways to beat the break up blues, 10 steps to break it off if you’re the one considering ending the relationship and even has information about how to support a friend who is going through a tough break up.

And my resolution? To get through break up season and re-emerge as a healthier, happier single gal!

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