Dating 101: Crazy Blind Dating

"Are you feeling adventurous?” boasts the main page of, a website dedicated to just that – crazy, spontaneous blind dates.

The creators say that although “online dating sites are okay, sometimes you just want to go out immediately, with reckless abandon.”

When I first read about the site, I’m not gonna lie, I was taken back. The idea seemed sorta sketchy – with all the warnings about not putting too much information on MySpace or Facebook because of stalkers and other scary stuff – it seemed a little TOO adventurous for me.

We all know I’m not personally a fan of online dating – I’m more of a fan of the whole “meet cute” philosophy. I got freaked out after a few weeks on because I received one too many messages from men that I’d never consider meeting in real life – let alone establish a relationship with. But, I’ve known several people who have not only dated, but have even married, people they met online.

The site made me realize that dating – in any form – is just one big guessing game. Even if you meet a guy in your Psychology class, you never really know what you’re getting into on that first date. Just because you’ve seen him in one setting – like an extremely boring lecture hall – doesn’t mean you know all about him.

Here’s how works:

1.) Log on to and select whether you'd like to go on a solo date or a double date

2.) Indicate when you'd like the date to happen—dates can be as early as that night—and a little bit about the kind of person you'd like to meet (age, height, body type, education, etc.)

3.) Select a preferred meeting location from a list of local bars and coffee shops

CrazyBlindDate then searches its database of registered users to find a match that meets your criteria. Once CrazyBlindDate finds two compatible daters, both parties receive texts and e-mails with the date logistics. Both daters must reconfirm their availability before the blind date is finalized.

Although I don’t think I’ll be meetin’ up with any hotties from the information superhighway anytime soon, I don’t discourage any of you from giving it a go. The only thing holding you back: The dates are currently available in just a few major cities: Austin, Boston, NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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