Dating 101: Is Dating Dead?

Recently, I’ve read several articles claiming that dating on college campuses is dead. The articles state that group activities, parties and random hook-ups have replaced dating, in a traditional sense of the word.

I, however, am apparently a bit naïve when it comes to the modern dating world. I still believe in chivalry and that one day I will be rescued by a beautiful, charming knight on a white horse. Or at the very least, a hot, bronze boy in a Mustang.

The media is not on my side. These articles have me believing that students all across the nation are ditching their significant others to chill with friends or hang out in large groups. I mean, I do go out and party. I do hang out with large groups of friends. But, I also spend quality time with my BF whenever possible.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel that girls I hang out with are also constantly scoping out potential boyfriends, not just random hook-ups. A crazy, drunken hook-up might be fun in the heat of the moment, but it’s rarely as exciting the next day. Usually, girls are left with a lot of regret and not much else (not even a phone number, sometimes).

What do you girls think? Is dating really dead? I refuse to believe the hype. In my mind, at least, dating is alive and thriving.

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