Dating 101: Dealing with Rejection – Gracefully

I found this blog a little hard to write today. Maybe it’s the nasty weather, or the fact that I haven’t slept more than three hours a night this week, but most likely it’s the fact that I am still beating myself up over my most recent breakup. Although I did the initial rejecting, I have been repeatedly rejected by this guy since the break-up (including experiencing a random one night hook up with him, only to find out the next morning he is officially seeing someone new).

Dealing with rejection is never easy – especially for someone like me who likes to think she has a lot of pride and respect for herself. But rejection hurts, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if it’s rejection from an ex-lover, a potential lover, or from that amazing job opportunity. Not feeling good enough sucks.

I found an article that listed a few simple tips about how to deal with rejection that I thought were helpful, however obvious.

1. There is an end to the pain. During times of hurt, people often forget that pain is not endless. You have to remind yourself that no matter how hurtful, this phase will pass.
2. Don’t take it personally. Obviously, this one is super hard – but it does make sense. Just because your relationship failed doesn’t mean that you are a flawed person.
3. Learn and move on. This simple piece of advice applies to almost any situation or mistake you make in life. “Being rejected by someone is not the end of anything; it is the beginning of learning,” the article says.
4. Turn rejection into acceptance. Realize that eventually, someone who you love will love you – just the way you are. Never underestimate yourself or change yourself for someone else. Accept yourself.

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