Dating 101: Do Single Women Outnumber Single Men?

As of late, my love life has been pretty non-existent. I blame it on lots of things: hanging out with same friends as my ex, partying at the same places weekend after weekend, being way too wrapped up in school to even fathom the idea of a relationship. But thanks to Richard Florida and the creative class exchange, I now have another factor to blame for my single-ness.

According to The Singles Map, not only does my university have more female students than males, my whole freakin' city & the surrounding area is full of far more single women than men. In fact, single women pretty much dominate the eastern part of the United States.

But for whatever reason you ladies on the West Coast have it made–with almost 90,000 more single men than women in the Los Angeles and Orange County area! So although I don't exactly have time for a BF right now, at least I can place the blame on extraneous factors and not my own inability to handle a relationship. And you better believe I'm headin' out west after graduation! Check out the map and see how your city stacks up.

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