Dating 101: Feminists Do It Better

Burn your bra. Give up the lipstick and the high heels. Don’t shave your legs. (Okay, that might be going a little too far.) In a new study conducted by Rutgers University researchers, feminists, both male and female, have better heterosexual relationships and – get this – better sex lives.

The study found that among both college students and older adults, if one or more partners involved in the relationship is a feminist, the relationship tends to be more stable and “higher-quality” than those relationships without a feminist.

Older women and men also found that they had better sexual satisfaction and better sexual health overall.

And, college men who deemed themselves feminists reported more equality in their relationships. Go figure!

The researchers could not pinpoint an exact reason why feminism makes for better relationships, but do have a few ideas. But I say the reason seems pretty obvious – feminists see women and men as equals. Feminist men won’t treat their women badly, and feminist women won’t let themselves be treated badly.

With that being said, I encourage all of you to find yourself a man who is manly enough to deem himself a feminist. You’ll be doing your heart, and your body, a favor.

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