Dating 101: Ho-Ho-Holiday Dating

So here I am, frantically typing on my aunt’s computer, eight hours away from parent’s house and a good 12 from my own.

My uncle has decided that, given that it’s Black Friday and all, Christmas music is the obvious replacement for an alarm clock.

From Thanksgiving until the beginning of January, the holidays (and all it’s crappy music) are an integral part of American culture. You know how it is. We live and breathe cards, presents, gingerbread houses, honey-baked ham, mistletoe, Menorahs, reindeer and Santa Claus.

Since ninth grade, I have always had a special someone to share this time of year
with; some silly boy whom I desperately needed to find the perfect gift for.

This year; however, I’m single. Sure, it kinda sucks not having someone to take ice-skating, or to meet my grandma, or to buy me the new Dolce & Gabanna perfume, or to gush about to the friends I haven’t seen since the summer.
But mostly, I’m okay with that.

So, instead of complaining about my lack of a relationship, I instead, want to share with you an article that I found about dating during the holidays. The article discusses the “relationship freeze” that occurs around this time of year (you know, the idea that you can’t possibly break up with your current/old beau because there are plenty of cocktail, family, dinner parties to attend). It also gives you some ideas about the right gift to buy the man in your life if you’ve recently started dating and don’t want to scare the poor guy away.

Check it out here

Ah, the holidays and all the expectations.
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