Dating 101: Hooking up with an Ex?

Once upon a time, I dated a boy for five years. He was my high school sweetheart. We did everything together. We went everywhere together. We weren’t afraid of public displays of affection (in fact, we embraced them quite often). Basically, we were that couple that made people sick.
However, as it’s been said, all good things must come to an end. At the end of the summer after my senior year, I shoved the contents of my closet in trash bags and drove three hours north to begin my adventure as a college freshman.
Our relationship survived the first year, despite the fact that my dorm room became much like a bar on Thursday nights (do they use beer bongs at bars?) and I was constantly hit on by Hollister-wearing frat guys who smelled like booze and menthol cigarettes.
But by mid-first semester sophomore year, our once-passionate relationship had fizzled to – well, just about nothing. I became obsessed with one of the too-good-to-true frat boys and that was that.
Now, months have passed and I have even been in another serious relationship (but we won’t go there – quite yet). So, now that I am pining for my most recent ex, I figured it’d be okay to call up the ex-ex-boyfriend to hang out when I came home for my 21st birthday bar-hopping extravaganza.
However, what was supposed to be a friendly night out on the town turned into something I don’t think either of us expected. I mean, we hadn’t spoken in months and hadn’t seen each other since before we broke up.
But, as soon as I saw his deep-chocolate eyes ogling me in my new short black dress, I knew that there was still sexual chemistry between us – and lots of it. So we kissed. And kissed. And, kept kissing.
As the liquor got a hold of me, though, my vision started to blur and I demanded a ride home…alone. Although my hormones were raging, I still had some sense left in me and decided to call it a night before things went too far.
Now, I’m wondering if hooking up with him would have really been so bad? I mean, we were together for years. I know we loved each other. But, on my end, the feelings are completely gone. I’m so obsessed with the new ex – and know that he treated me way better – that I would never get back with the old one. But, hey – a girl gets lonely – and with Thanksgiving and Winter break fast approaching, I can’t lie — I’m considering jumping back into familiar territory for those four weeks.
What do you girls think? Is it okay to hook up with the ex-ex?

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