Dating 101: Is it ever okay to cheat?

That boy I dated this past year really did seem like “the one”. Not in a cheesy, oh-my-god-we’re-gonna-get-married-after-knowing-each other-a-week way. More in the this-is-the-first-guy-who-has-ever-really-understood-me way. We had a lot in common: from our major, to our outlook on life, to weird little quirks like having milk with every meal (Hell-o! Doritos and milk are a totally acceptable late night snack) and speaking in puns as often as possible. He was a little off-beat — but he made me laugh. I really and truly thought he was someone I could see myself loving months, and years, from now.

However, it seems that life did not care about my little plan. Our relationship went south way sooner than I thought it would and well, most of the reasons it failed were my fault. Except for one.

I still don’t know if he did, or didn’t, cheat on me with his room mate’s ex-girlfriend (how soap opera, I know). All I know is that he used to hang out with her a lot when we were together (including “partying” at her house until 7 a.m. while I was sleeping in his bed…hmm?), and the minute we broke up, started having sex with her.

Cheating is something I have never tackled in this blog, and perhaps that’s because I never had much experience with it. But I’m not stupid, and my girlfriend-ly intuition told me that something wasn’t right about his friendship with this girl. And the fact that they are still talking three months later…definitely seals the deal.

I found this article about cheating that asks a few key questions as to whether you can forgive a man who cheats on you. I don’t think I could ever truly forgive this guy if he did cheat on me (though I don’t think I’ll ever know for sure). I don’t care how drunk, turned on or lonely I am — I don’t think I would ever touch someone else while I’m in a committed, long-term relationship.

What do you girls think? Is cheating ever acceptable? Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? And if you were cheated on, did you or could you forgive your lover?

Check out the article here.

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