Dating 101: Is It Possible to Stay Friends With an Ex?

It took four months of tears, Carlo Rossi, manicures and books about how to improve my life, but this past weekend I finally decided that it was okay to initiate a conversation with the ex.

Yes, the ex that completely left me heartbroken and devastated – despite the fact that I broke up with him.

I thought that our conversation could be short, sweet, polite and tactful. I thought it could possibly initiate some sort of platonic friendship between us. We hang out in the same (getting smaller by the minute) group of friends and probably haven't gone more than two weeks without running into each other, albeit wasted to the point that neither one of us really cares. So, needless to say, we hadn't made eye contact in months – let alone exchanged words.

But I said hello because I didn't think that it would bring a whole rush of feelings – the butterfly-in-the-stomach, blushing uncontrollably, tripping-over-my-own-words kind of feelings.

But it did.

I mean, it's not all my fault. He was the one who professed that "Gee, we still do get along so well," and, when my girls screamed my name from across the party, spilling Honey Brown on the host's couch, said that other people were always trying to come between us. How like him to blame his problems on everyone else. He also continued to tell me that if I "ever wanted to talk" well, his door was 'always open'. Right. Just like it was open to every other girl within a 20-mile radius.

And now I can't get him out of my head – my head that only days before was swimming with single-girl fantasies – like carpooling to Daytona Beach for spring break and meeting the man of my dreams (or at least, of the week). Now, however, my thoughts have slowly shifted back to wondering where my ex will be partying this weekend and if it's possible for me to look super hot and run into him.

So my advice here ladies is that no communication with the ex seems to be the way to go. Once you walk away, stay away. Far, far away.

Have any of you girls had any success with staying friends with an ex? Do you think its possible – and if so, under what conditions? I want to hear your experiences!

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