Dating 101: The (Least) Best Way to Break Up

So, I did it. I officially broke up with my boyfriend that I’ve written about since this blog started. Although our problems may not have really warranted a full-on, tear-jerking breakup, I definitely felt that he wanted it to end. (He made this pretty apparent when he told me that he felt our relationship was “dead” and that he was getting “bad vibes” from me.) So, I decided to do the dirty work that he was obviously afraid to tackle. So, I broke up with him. Over the phone.

Basically, it has now been over 24 hours and I feel like the biggest you-know-what on the planet. I’m almost 21-years-old. I should’ve been able to look this boy in the eye and tell him that I thought we shouldn’t be together. However, I opted for the easy way out. And then, upon Googling “how to break up with someone” I saw several articles that claim I have pretty much committed the ultimate sin by breaking up with the boy via that great little invention, the cellular telephone.

Now, not only am I completely regretting ever uttering the six awful words I can’t take back, I also feel like I cheated this boy out of a decent, whole-hearted, face-to-face break-up. Didn’t he at least deserve that?

Have you ever broken up with someone over the phone or in an e-mail or text message (shudder)? Have you ever been broken up with this way? Let me in on your breakup tips, and let’s hope next time I at least have the decency to do it right.

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