Dating 101: Livin La Vida Single

I’ll admit it: I’m a relationship kind of girl. Ever since I was a freshman in high school, I’ve been practically attached at the hip with a member of the opposite sex. For almost 6 years, I’ve rarely been introduced as just “Erica”. I’ve always been “so-and-so’s girlfriend.”

However, all of that changed a month ago when I made a break from the guy I was seeing. Single-dom felt like torture at first. It seems like everyone around me is hooking up with someone, and I’m the only girl at every party without a boy to go home to.

But, as I sit here alone on a Thursday night after spending five hours watching Happy Feet, Grey’s Anatomy and pawing through issues of US Weekly with my best girls, I feel – dare I say it – relieved. Yes, that’s right. I feel okay being single. Actually, I feel more than okay. I feel excited.

Between school and work, I feel as though I barely have time to breathe. I’m sure you know the feeling. So, as a tribute to all the single ladies out there, I decided to make a fun, short list of reasons why it’s OKAY and even quite fabulous to be single.

1. America’s Next Top Model. I mean, do I really need to explain this one?

2. Actually, most reality T.V. shows. I don’t know how much my ex would like watching The Hills and A Shot At Love.

3. Jealousy sucks. Now I don’t have to worry that every single cute girl who enters a room is out to get my man.

4. Less drama. I can officially say I will never again be the girl in the corner, her cell phone suctioned to her face, crying because her boyfriend blew her off – again.

5. Closer friendships. With no boy on my arm, I find that I have a lot more time to spend nourishing the friendships I’ve already made – and venturing out to make new ones.

6. I can be a freakin’ bum. No need to shave my legs every other day or make sure that my hair is always perfectly straightened.

7. And most importantly, I can focus on myself and who I want to be.
I can spend hours writing in my journal, reading blogs, Facebook-ing, IM-ing and shopping. I can let me be me – and not have to worry that someone else will disapprove – and I have to say that is a pretty damn good feeling.

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