Dating 101: Moving In Way Too Soon

It's finally summer and I'm finally all moved in to my new apartment. I can’t even explain how excited I was to live in a brand spankin’ new pad all summer long—especially because two of my fave girl friends were sharing it with me.

Last week, though, everything changed. I went home to visit my family before I started my new sales job at the mall. Three days into my mini-vaca, as I’m lounging poolside with my high school gal pals, one room mate sends a simple text: “Kevin’s moving in.”

My jaw literally dropped. Was she serious? Kevin, the boy she had met only two weeks prior, was moving into our girly, pink-themed apartment? I had imagined our place smelling like vanilla and roses. With a boy thrown into the mix, though, I knew it would probably smell more like foul body odor, dirty socks and cigarette butts. I thought the three room mates would spend the summer sipping Mojitos on the adorably-decorated back patio before going out to the clubs in our new kitten heels. But those three measly words managed to completely crush my fantasy.

Worse though, is the fact that these two have only known each other for three weeks. Granted, he found a place for his tooth brush after only four nights of “dating” my roommate, so I should’ve seen it coming. I’ve heard that relationships tend to move fast in college. But, seriously, two weeks and he’s already calling her room his own?

What’s the deal: Is this some kind of trend I’m missing out on? I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to take things slow and know the man at least a month before letting him bring over his laundry.

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