Dating 101: Nice Guys Finish First

When I see a super toned guy walk into the room (or party, or bar, or basically anywhere) I must admit I will stare in awe. When it comes to chiseled arms and six-pack abs, I turn to mush.

A recent study at UCLA found that women really are drawn to muscles, at least in the short term. Although a little bizarre, the idea is that muscles in human males are similar to the elaborate tail feathers of male peacocks that are used to impress the females. Who knew? The study found that muscular men also tend to have more sexual partners, due to the fact that women tend to choose buff guys as their one night stands and short term flings.

But, the surprising part is this: When it comes to relationships, women prefer the less-brawny dudes to the super-buff ones. Actually, not so surprising if you ask me. The guys I tend to settle down with are a little less concerned about hitting the gym and a little more concerned about well, me. And politics. And other interesting stuff.

So it seems that in the end, the nice guy doesn’t finish last. He’s the one who gets the girl – for good.

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