Dating 101: Is This “Non-Relationship” Worth It?

I have come to the realization that there are three types of guys: nice guys, guys who are jerks and don't admit it, and guys who are jerks and admit it openly and wholeheartedly.   

I think it's safe to say that I have encountered all three types of guys in my life.  I've had guys who would do just about anything for me (including help me move in and out of three different apartments!), guys who pretend that they would do those things for me but totally flake when it comes down to doing anything but watching Adult Swim, and guys who blatantly tell me from the beginning that they are basically, pieces of you-know-what.

The last boy was tricky:  He started the "relationship" by telling me that he was, in fact, not a relationship type person.  But he continued to see me and so, my naïve self thought this meant that he obviously liked me and I had changed his way of thinking about love and relationships and you know, the world.  He was the one who decided we should be exclusive (including relationship-requesting me on Facebook –aw!).  However, this more or less meant that he needed a place to stay for the summer that was close to his work, would provide him with a warm bed to sleep in (and the cute girl who also inhabited this bed was not a negative) and a working T.V.  He had pretty much hit the bum-jackpot when he met me.

It's been months since our relationship ended but somehow I have found Mr. No-Relationships in my life again.  This time, however, it's a little different.  This time, he has opened his heart to me – and told me that he will probably never again be in a relationship.  He's destined to be a bachelor, because, well, he just can't get close to people, he just doesn't see the point in getting attached –yadda, yadda.

Wait – what?!  You are trying to kiss me and swindle your way back into my life (or at least, my bed) and you are telling me that I WILL NEVER get a relationship from this mess?

So I'm at standstill.  Sure, it's nice he's being honest with me.  It's nice that I know up front that he is not my knight in shining armor.  However, I just don't understand why exactly he wants to try to pursue this non-relationship any further.  Actually, I can take a guess.  So what do I do?  Continue to see him – because well gee – at least he was honest about the fact that he'll never care about me? Has our society really trained guys that it's okay to tell a woman you will never love her – and still expect her to sleep with you?

What do you girls think?  And could girls get away with this same kind of non-relationship debauchery?

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