Dating 101: Online Dating

Okay, okay. I must admit I’ve never been too keen on the whole internet dating thing. When I hear about couples who met online, I can’t help but scoff (if only in my head) and think, They really couldn’t find anyone in real life?

But, no matter my opinion, internet dating is popular. And it really does kinda make sense. You meet a cute guy at a bar and you have no idea if you’re compatible. However, if you “meet” that some cute guy online through his profile, (You both like The Beatles and can’t stand people that drive under the speed limit? Score!) you know right away that you have stuff in common.

Another thing that really irked me about dating websites was the fact that they seem aimed towards adults. That means if you put a profile on, you could get tons of “John, 45 from Wooster, OH wants to meet you” type responses in your e-box.

However, I recently stumbled upon a website called Not only is the name super cute and catchy, but the whole site is geared specifically towards college students. There’s tons of stuff to do on the site – create your own profile, read others profiles, write blogs, create “reject” and “crush” lists – you can even get dating advice and check out your horoscope.

So while I, personally, will probably never actually meet anyone from the site, who am I to say that it wouldn’t be perfect for you? So go ahead and check out for yourself. Let me know if any of you chic ladies find true love!

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