Dating 101: Playin’ Games

Just like everyone says they "hate drama" and don't want to be involved with it (but yet, always are, somehow), people also say they hate playing "games" when they date.

But, in reality, isn't dating pretty much a big game in and of itself? You play games when you don't call when you say you will. You play games when you claim you're "too busy" to chill – just to keep him guessing what you're too busy doing. You play games when you wait a few dates to give that boy a dramatic, long, sensual good night kiss.

I came across an article, though, that analyzes the dating game to a fault. The article examines every single move a woman can make in order to keep her man (in this case, the writer uses the word "victim") guessing.

Although games are an integral part of dating, isn't it more important to just, you know, let things happen naturally? If you want to hang out with the guy – why tell him no just because you're afraid to be too available? Why change up your style every few days or not call him when you say you will, as the article suggests, just so you don't become too predictable?

I don't see the harm in canceling a few dates (I guess), but playing games will not sustain a long term relationship. And, I don't know about you, but I guess I'm just a firm believer that if it's meant to be, it will be.

Check out the full article here.

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