Dating 101: Sell Yourself

People “sell” themselves everyday. In personal ads, job interviews – you name it. But attempting to sell yourself on Craigslist? Sounds crazy, but someone did it. And caused quite a controversy in the process.

In one ad, a self-proclaimed “classy and articulate” woman writes, “I’m looking to get married to a guy who makes at least half a million a year.” And what does she plan to offer in return? Her so-called good looks.

The ad is humorous; however, it’s the response to her message that has raised many eyebrows. A man explains to the woman that she will probably never find what she’s looking for. What she has to offer (read: good looks) will eventually fade; however, the cash that man is raking in will likely be around a lot longer than her unwrinkled skin and luscious locks.

After reading both the ad and the response, I couldn’t help but think about everything that is completely wrong with the whole situation. First of all, it’s sad that this woman has reduced marriage to a simple business arrangement. I guess in reality it is, but usually there is some form of love, or (at the very least) lust, involved. And then, as sad as it is – the man brought up a very good point. The woman’s looks will fade. She will get cellulite, wrinkles and possibly lose her hair. It’s quite unfair that women seem to lose value with age while men gain it (and money in the bank, too).

Check out the ad and the response here and leave your own comments.

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