Dating 101: Single during Santa Season? Not so bad, it seems.

I have been home approximately three days , roughly 72 hours, and let me say, it’s already been an absolute whirlwind of alcohol, presents, family and old friends. I think I’ve experienced every emotion possible: from nostalgia, to anger, to happiness, to anxiety and back again. The holidays, for me, have translated into a ridiculous roller coaster ride of emotions, complete with low-fat eggnog and candy canes.

It seems, according to new survey data released by, that not everyone experiences the detrimental holiday dilemmas that I have. From deciding whether to buy the new crush a gift to considering dialing my old flame,’s survey of 2,700 singles revealed some thought-provoking statistics that have made me rethink my holiday dating strategies.

As for my inane desire to call up the guy I dated for five years, 85% of singles said they would not try to rekindle an old romance just because of the holiday season. Seems I’m alone in that boat!

In fact, the stats look to be in the single gal’s favor. Apparently, 41% of singles said that they are more willing to hook up during the holidays (!). And as for those already in a commited relationship? Only 38% of those surveyed said they’ve been the dumper or dumpee during this special season. Maybe it’s all the romantic possibilities, from kissing under the mistletoe to sharing a hot cup of hot chocolate around the fire. Aw.

Whatever it is about the season, these stats made me realize that being a single gal for the first time in five years during the holidays is not such a curse. In fact, it might even help my chances of finding a cutie to take to next year’s cocktail parties.

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