Dating 101: Women Are Copycats (And Not Just With Clothes!)

So, scientists have officially told us what catty adolescent and college-age girls have known for years: Women are copycats (ha!) when it comes to the men they choose to date. 

A study conducted by British scientists concluded that "when sizing up a man, a woman takes her cues from other women around him." Basically, you might not think that shaggy-haired junior in control of the keg is much of a catch – until you see a bunch of other girls flirting with him.

The whole idea relates to back to a Darwinian principle of evolution, that if a female has a hard time finding a mate, she looks to rival females to observe how she should behave. 

This isn't rocket science, and honestly, I could've made this conclusion as soon as I set foot in high school. But next time you find yourself lusting after your good friend's beau, you can blame it on human nature.

Check out the article at COSMOS Magazine

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