Dating 101: The Yo-Yo Relationship

I have to admit: I was once a victim of a yo-yo relationship. For five years, my high school sweetheart and I went back-and-forth between super-close lovers and almost-perfect strangers.

We always broke up for the right reasons (we knew deep down that we just weren’t compatible), but our reasons for getting back together weren’t always so solid.

I came across an article on TeenWire, a website sponsored by Planned Parenthood that addresses issues like sex, health and relationships, that discussed the on again, off again relationship. When should you stay broken up? And how can you stay strong when you cared about the person a lot? Should you hook up with an ex? What if you’re lonely and bored after the end of a relationship?

Relationships are difficult, and adding the on again, off again element makes them even more complicated. My advice? If you break up once, let it be.

Check out the article here.

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