Dating on the Job, A Do or a Don’t? You Decide

office_romance1Dating on the job: It comes with so many questions, and definitely so many little answers. Can I let my co-workers know? Can I let my boss know? What if it is my boss? Can I have PDA in the office? And worst of all, what happens if we break up?

Inter-work relationships can end up both amazing and terrifying. I’ve heard stories of love at first sight over the coffee machine to people having to leave their jobs thanks to those awkward post-break up encounters. Most people say, it’s up to your discretion; do what you want, but beware of the consequences- which in this case, I would say definitely outweigh the pro’s.

In today’s day and age where career success may be considered more important than romantic commitment, getting involved with a professional partner seems to have too many risks.

The separation of a work and home life, as many people feel content with, is vital to one’s sanity and success. Think about having PDA in the copy room. Think about winking to each other across the computers. And think about the daily temptation of wanting to be with your sweetie but realizing an assignment deadline is in your way.

And in my eyes, think most importantly about the post-break-up run-ins.

Imagine the awkwardness you have felt running into an ex casually at a grocery store or nightclub. Then picture having an encounter with that person ever morning as you lay your bag on your desk.

Frighteningly enough, people have quit their jobs due to the difficult break-ups they’ve experienced. Now think about this- is it worth it?

Sure, the new computer technician in the office may be pretty cute or the personal assistant may fill your appetite, but in the long run, you can find someone just as great, if not better, outside the four by four confines of your office.

Just remember, next time you want to mix business with pleasure, it can be a long walk of shame from your cubicle to the bathroom.

— Erin Cunningham, George Washington University

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