Deliciously Fun: The Cupcake Cult Line

I have not shopped at Hot Topic since high school, but recently while cruising the mall, I had a random urge to go inside. I asked the nice heavily pierced guy working there where they have earrings and he showed me to a wall filled with different accessories. I immediately was drawn to a bunch of bright, fun and playful accessories that are part of a line called Cupcake Cult (not to be confused with Johnny Cupcakes). When I first saw Cupcake Cult one phrase came to mind– tastefully done. The line is a delicious price for anyone with good taste, and has tons of cute and trendy earrings, rings, jewelry, t-shirts, shoes, makeup and more that females from college age, high school or even middle school can use!

 I had never heard of the brand before. As I browsed, I saw the cutest things – for those of you who think Hot Topic just has dark clothes and gothic jewelry you are sadly mistaken. They have lots of cutesy type shirts, jewelry, flip flops and accessories. Cute is the keyword!

Cupcake Cult has everything from earrings, headbands, shoes, purses, necklaces, t-shirts and even eye shadow! They call the shadows “eye frostings” and they come in colors like Sour Apple (green), Devil Doll (pink), and Vicious Violet, just to name a few. For those of you who want to show off the inner bad girl, but still look girly they have a pair of earrings that have little pink guns on them with dangly silver strings and handcuffs with pink high heels coming down them. Many of the earrings came in different colors with and different designs such as hearts, stripes and icons–definitely cute for anyone’s collection.

While there are some weird accessories they have like a monkey necklace and a toast ring(yes a toast ring!), there is something for everyone in this line. Most of the accessories may not be something you want to wear to work, if you work in an office or professional evironment, but if you are looking for some fun accessories to start the school year off right or something trendy to wear for a night at the club you should definitely check out Cupcake Cult at your local Hot Topic. Most of the accessories are $2.99-14.99, while the t-shirts are in the 20 dollar range or more. You can also browse their website to see what you might like at

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