Diablo Cody to Remake “Sweet Valley High” Series into Movie

Oscar winner Diablo Cody is known for her quirkiness (she once was a stripper and tends to obsess about all things retro), but she’s about to undertake something no one would ever have expected: Bringing the uber famous Sweet Valley High series to the big screen.

Ok, that makes us giddy. We loved the stories about Jessica and Elizabeth, the pretty blonde-haired identical twins that lived in Cali with their parents and shared a bright red Fiat (not too mention tons of drama). The girls were exact opposites. Elizabeth was the good girl with a steady boyfriend, while Jessica was the bad girl that was the school’s official queen bee and heartbreaker.

It was complete soap opera and we ate it up. Elizabeth gets in a motorcyle accident and loses her memory and becomes Jessica 2.0, Jessica brings down Elizabeth’s best friend Enid to become homecoming queen, and let us not forget the very “special” episode (which by the way worked better than any drug PSA) in which the twins’ friend (former bad boy) Bruce suffers a devastating loss when his GF Regina tries cocaine for the first time and ends up dying when it’s discovered that she had an untreated heart murmur.

Yeah, it was awesome, and the TV shows and videos never lived up to the books, but we’re betting Diablo is going to give this beloved series exactly the TLC it needs to maked a 21st Century comeback.

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