Digital Detox: Tips to Unplug

"I believe that every girl should be beautiful and feel beautiful, but I absolutely, positively HATE it when girls go to class in their pajamas! I mean, how much effort does it take to put on a pair of jeans?"

There comes a time when we all become overwhelmed with life, school, work and even technology. Although one of the more helpful advances we have today, technology can also be the source of stress or escalate stressful situations. The key to alleviating this all is finding a way to digitally detoxify yourself. It’s definitely difficult to quit technology cold turkey, so take it slow. Or in other words: unplug simply.

If you’re like most people, you work with access to Internet and all of your social media sites. That immediate access and feeling of instant gratification can be the difference between actual productivity and surfing twitter. So, my first tip to you is, block any social media you don’t need for work on your work computer. Whether you decide to do a timed block or completely bar yourself access during work hours is your choice.

My next tip is, set yourself do not disturb hours every night and spend those hours doing something without your technology. Read a leisure book, study, paint your nails, and finish a week old craft – anything that won’t require technology. Most phones have a “do not disturb” setting where you can pick a certain time of day for your notifications to go completely silent.

A good idea is to spend quality time with your friends and let them know “No technology!” For example, If you want to do dinner, all phones go face down in the center whoever picks up their phone first pays the entire tab. Have a successful interactive dinner with your friends and everyone goes Dutch.

It could also help to do a little reflection and try to think of a more simple time when you didn’t use technology so much. Now obviously, a person my age can’t go back to the playground to relive those days but try a more adult reflection exercise by doing activities like yoga.

There is so much propaganda encouraging us to look up, away from our phones, because we just don’t know who we’re missing out on the opportunity to meet. Challenge yourself to start with these things once a week, twice a week, and work them into your regular habits. Before you know it, your life won’t revolve around the technology you own.

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