Digital Detox: How to Turn Off and Tune In


Spring is such a great time for everyone. The semester is almost over, winter is (hopefully) gone for a couple of months, and everything is renewed.  However, spring can also be a distracting time for many students. With the weather improving and the semester almost over, many students succumb to procrastination and a general demeanor of not caring. Technology doesn’t help, either. It’s everywhere and Facebook, Pinterest, and other sites are calling out to you. It’s not surprising that many students feel so overwhelmed.

Fear not! It’s actually easy to turn off and tune in, as you long as you have the commitment and desire. Follow along for simple steps to turn off electronics and other distractions and how to tune into yourself and your work.

Get out.
When the weather is nice and it looks perfect outside your window, you won’t be able to focus until you feel the lovely weather for yourself. So go out! Taking a walk is a great way to relieve stress and to re-focus your mind after a long time spent studying. Beware of taking your work outside, though. It works for some people, but it may just distract you more.

Keep Yourself in Check. 
If you are working on a computer, make sure you are taking time to stop looking at the screen and look at the amazing world outside your window. Staring at a computer screen for too long will strain your eyes and make it harder to continue to look, which in turn will make it harder to keep going. Set limits for how long you are looking at a screen. Keep it to around thirty minutes, then give yourself a break by either working on some none-screen work or, as I mentioned above, take a walk.

Talk it Out. 
Keep your friends close to you. Ask them to hang out and watch a movie sometime. Being around people you like and who care about you will help you to re-focus and remind you of the more important things in life, like eating obscene amounts of ice cream and marathoning every Hugh Grant movie, ever.

Think About Perspective.
The most important tip is to keep it all in perspective. Remember why you are here and how this is helping you to reach your goals. Remind yourself that this is a stepping stone to your dreams, and use it as such. Digital detoxing will help you clear your mind and refocus for the end of the semester.

So, Chicsters, keep these tips in mind and turn off your electronics and put your school work aside for a little while and just enjoy the weather. Find a good book and go outside to read for a while. I’m fairly certain there’s nothing better in the world.

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