Trend Report: Best DIY Craft Kits

Once you pass the age of 12, it’s difficult to find craft projects that don’t involve pounds of glitter, puff paint, or “Girl Power” stickers. And while making tie-dye t-shirts and hemp necklaces can be fun for a while, sometimes you just want something a little more, well, crafty.

Urbanoutfitters has a great selection of DIY and craft projects that won’t make you feel like your making something for your 8-year-old sister.  Create a kaleidoscope, grow a bonsai tree, or even make a own solar-powered seagull! Urbanoutfitters has a unique collection of craft projects that are guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours. My favorite is their $14.00 marbling kit. The kit features 6 colors and is a very different, very creative way to give an old t-shirt or sweatshirt an exciting twist. With an easy to follow set of instructions, you’ll soon be “marbling” everything in sight.

If you refuse to settle on just one craft kit, then check out Urbanoutfitters Big-Ass Book of Crafts,” just $19.95. Between African mask patio chairs to photo-adorned boxer shorts, this book will keep your hands busy and imagination flowing. Happy holiday crafting!


By Lauren Tousignant

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