Halloween Costumes – Cheap and Easy DIY Suggestions

Spending a lot of money on a Halloween costume just seems silly to us. After all, it's just for one night, and the chances you're ever going to wear it again are pretty slim, right? So, rather than dropping a bunch of coin to channel your inner Snooki or Lady Gaga (trust us, everyone else will be sporting the same thing so you're really not missing out) why not whip something together that's totally cheap, original, AND one-of-a-kind?


1. Fashion Roadkill – Coined by the ladies of Sex and the City, the term refers to someone who's strutting their stuff on the catwalk and then takes a tumble, but a literal translation is so much more imaginative.

What you'll need: Hit your local Goodwill and pull together an oh-so-awful 70's, 80's, or 90's ensemble (like neon tops, Hammer pants, or some groovy bell bottoms). Once you got your gear on, create a tire tread across your chest using black paint and then add a little dirt and gore to your face, hands, etc.


2. Teacher's Pet – Pefect for you and your guy if you're looking for a couples costume that isn't totally expensive, this funny alternative requires little effort.

What you'll need:  For her – a long conservative skirt, white button-up blouse, sensible heels, glasses, a ruler, and an apple. For him – glasses, pocket protector, short-sleeve white button-up, pants, and a fake staight "A" report card.

Bonus prop: Pick up a cheap dog leash and have your boyfriend wear it around his neck all evening. Extra points if you lead him around the party and lecture him on the benefits of extra credti alone with his "favorite" teacher…


3. Bag of Jelly Bellies – Possibly the cheapest of the bunch, this is an easy last minute suggestion if you're in a rush and need something on-the-fly.

What you'll need: A extra-large clear garbage bag, balloons, colored construction paper, and a glue stick. Cut out holes for your arms and legs in the bag and then blow up all the balloons and add colored spots (i.e. made from the construction paper). Slip on a pair of black leggings, flats, and a white turtleneck, step into the bag, fill it with balloons, and then tie it off at the neck.


4. Crazy Cat Lady –  Ok, so we hate the stereotype, but this costume kind of makes us giggle. An easy Halloween alternative that involves your pjs, this one is absolutely purr-fect if you love kitties as much as we do.

What you'll need: A ratty old robe and slippers, plastic curlers, a few stuffed cats, glue gun, a can of cat food, some chocolate pudding, and a bag of chocolate chips.  Put your hair up in curlers, glue the stuffed cats all over your robe, and then remove the cat food from the can. Soak the can until it's completely clean and then add some chocolate pudding and chocolate chips into the mix. Spend the rest of the evening telling all your friends about "Mr. Whiskers" and "Fluffy" and offer them some "cat food" as a Halloween candy alternative.




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