Don’t be a hot mess: repeatedly drinking in excess is unattractive

Everybody wants to be the life of the party, but what happens when you’re “that girl” too often?

When I say “that girl,” I’m talking about the girl who is spilling her drink all over the place and can’t even stand up straight with her dress practically falling off.

Now, don’t get me wrong, everybody has a little bit too much to drink every once and a while, but it is not okay to be a hot mess every weekend.

If you are “that girl” every weekend, people will start to get irritated with your behavior. It will start to wear down on your friends really quickly when they are the ones cleaning up your vomit every weekend.

When you repeatedly drink to the extent that people have to constantly watch over you and take care of you, it is not fair to your friends and/or boyfriend.

What happens if one time you drink too much again and nobody happens to be around to take care of you? If you aren’t used to having to watch out for yourself and drink responsibly, rough times may follow. You never know what could happen. What if you fall into the wrong hands and a sketchy guy gets a hold of you? Bad news bears. Or what if a police officer catches your behavior and gives you a drinking ticket? That could be the end of your scholarship.

I just don’t feel like some girls my age weigh the consequences of what could happen to them if they aren’t careful and it scares me.

It’s just not attractive to be that intoxicated. Do you really think you’re going to be able to pick up any decent guys acting that way? I mean, you will still be able to pick up guys, but not necessarily the ones that would have been your first pick had you been sober.

At my school, it is not uncommon to see girls being taken to the hospital during football games because they are just way too intoxicated to function. Drinking that much is just not acceptable.

There is a fine line between having fun and being ridiculous. Having fun does not have to entail downing tequila until you hurl your guts everywhere.

The bottom line: don’t be “that girl” and learn to drink responsibly or there could be drastic consequences.

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