Twilight Beauty

Pre-ordered the new Twilight book. Check. Got your tickets for the midnight showing on June 29th. Check. Snagged the latest DuWop Twilight Lip Venom? What? No? Better jump on that before it sells out!

Following DuWop’s super-vampy red Twilight lip gloss that was sold out all last fall, the company has rolled out a new tint just in time for the third movie in the series. “Blush” is a soft pink shade that has all the shine, drama, and delicious tingle of it’s predecessor, but none of the messy red smearing that made it look like you had a bloody lip instead of a crimson pout (definitely not a great look for my 13-year-old cousin following an ill-advised Christmas purchase on my part).

Packed with olive oil, avocado, and other mineral oils to soften your lips, Blush is a steal at $16.00 AND the perfect summer movie date. Trust me, it doesn’t matter if you’re on Team Edward or Team Jacob – with lips like this you’re sure to snag a hunky stand-in!



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