The E-Book Race- B&N Nook and Kindle released

Today, Barnes and Noble announced that their Nook is ready for pre-order and a quick jump to Amazon’s site reveals that they too have released a new Kindle edition– which allows U.S. and International customers to use it.

So what’s different? Well nothing really, or at least nothing I can truly see. Apparently it runs on AT&T’s 3G network, which is definitely an upgrade from Amazon’s Whispernet. As a Kindle Generation 1 and iPhone user (and a Kindle iPhone App user) I can say that the 3G interface will probably allow you to read books much faster. It still uses e-Ink, however it looks a little neater, that is a little more city chic than Amazon’s version. Many books are $9.99, but with the cheaper device price, you can probably afford to buy more books at once.

Some features that are making me contemplate adding it to my xmas list– sharing books!! You can lend eBooks for up to 14 days to friends— and the ebooks can be sent to cellphones, readers (not an Amazon reader though) and computers with Barnes and Noble’s “e-reader program” downloaded on it. You can also look up words mid-sentence, which might be a nice feature for when you read textbooks. I’ve found the biggest problem with reading textbooks on there is that you can’t highlight on the Kindle, and according to BN you will be able to on the Nook.

It also has a full color touchscreen– hence the super chic city look. I’d say this will be the perfect xmas present for all those a little strapped this year, and also those who are up for a new type of reader.

*** Additionally it also appears that AMAZON has also released a brand new Kindle which, for $279.00, allows you to purchase books in the U.S. AND Internationally. Still for no fee, it also uses a 3G network to complete this. The biggest difference between this new edition and the Nook is the look, Amazon’s Kindle is not a touch screen.

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