Earth Day Made Easy

It’s been forty years since the first Earth Day, and the world needs us more than ever. Students across the globe — it’s time to rally together for Earth Day 2010. Help your campus, city and state become part of a greater cause and promote the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2010.

With climate change, pollution and clean energy playing a vital role in our futures, we must take a stand to become part of a cleaner earth. Earth Day 2010 is an opportunity to shed light on sustainability, energy efficiency and green jobs. Building and maintaining a healthier and greener environment for our future should be a top priority.

What can your campus do to take part in Earth Day 2010?

Universities around the country are taking part in sustainability and using Earth Day 2010 as an opportunity to speak up. By welcoming educated speakers to campus, promoting new green initiatives and competing in recycling competitions, students are provided with various outlets to helping clean up our Earth.

Teens For Planet Earth, a social networking site dedicated to teens wanting to protect our planet, encourages students to reduce their “footprint” on the Earth by simply cutting down on waste, saving energy and speaking up.

Meanwhile, the Earth Day 2010 Action Center encourages students to come together to promote sustainability policies at their schools. Because several schools have already taken part in such initiatives, but the Earth Day Network wants to unite campuses on a common theme.

The Drive Campus Action on Climate effort is a strategy modeled after the Earth Day 2010 global campaign, which is geared at various interest groups.

“Earth Day University wants equivalent campus student groups to work together and create a new face for the environmental movement — one that shows environmentalism is about more than saving the trees,” the Action Center said on its Web site. “This is a movement to ensure our future.”

Take Action & get started at your school!

Earth Day can be as easy as an information session to better illustrate the importance of taking action to better our future. Inform those around you about the importance of creating a cleaner and greener Earth.

For an easy campus organizers guide, visit Earth Day on Campus, and follow the in depth plan to a successful Earth Day! With events and strategic information to creating a successful, well-thought plan to promote the green initiative, your campus will be well on its way to a successful Earth Day!

By Hope Holland

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