Embrace your singleness!

Being single is fine and dandy in college… until all of your good friends have boyfriends.

Trust me, I actually enjoy being single most of the time, but it’s a major snag that all my roommates have boyfriends.

It can get pretty lonely sometimes, no lie, but it has forced me to expand my circle of friends and try new things. I’ve reconnected with some friends that I never would have become closer with had my close friends been single.

I know there are many of you who can probably relate to my situation, and it’s quite a pickle to be in, but it’s something you have to accept and move on.

There is much to be learned from the situation and if you can just accentuate the positives of the situation, it will make your life a lot easier to deal with.

In the beginning, it was rough. I had self-confidence issues because I couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with me and why nobody wanted to date me. Turns out, as I look back, I wasn’t making an effort to meet new guys. I was just accepting the status quo and the fact that I was single. Now, I’ve accepted my singleness and have embraced it. I just like to think of it as being free from having to answer to anybody. The world is my oyster.

This period in my life has really forced me to self-evaluate how I act when I’m in a relationship. I get so sick of girls who make their boyfriends their lives. I never want to become the girl who doesn’t have her own life because she is so obsessed with her boyfriend. Because of my experiences, I know I never will be one of those girls because I love myself more than that.

To all my single ladies- live it up! We’re young, so we should have as much fun as possible, and even if they don’t say so, know that all of the girls in relationships are probably a little bit jealous of your freedom. Embrace it!

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